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Dear @Squarespace, Let us put 'Share' buttons on blog summaries. Why?

#StealMyIdea for 2 reasons...

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First, it would make this blog really pop.  I'm experimenting with a new social optimized model for micro-blog titles, and share buttons on the main blog summary list would help me test to see if the model is viral. I think it will be.  I can use AddThis buttons, but I need a place to embed some code.

Second, integrating with AddThis would make life grand.  AddThis is the holy grail for share and follow buttons.  Your users will thank you again and again for a seamless and powerful share/follow integration, and I bet you could upsell pro accounts as an affiliate for AddThis.  I'm sure AddThis would love to split a bit of revenue for new customers.

In conclusion, share & follow buttons should be powerful in function yet simple to add.  AddThis & Squarespace are like the peanut butter & jelly of beautiful socially connected blogs. I hope you two fall in love soon... 


Chris Purifoy

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