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Dear @Apple, Add 'How to Reach Me' status to iPhone contacts (by txt, email, call or FaceTime). Why?

#StealMyIdea for 2 reasons...

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First, the art of conversing by phone is all but lost today.  Most of us never get on the phone unless it's to talk with our parents.   This is unfortunate.  The art of the call is a powerful tool for business and an important way to cultivate relationships.  Text messages have robbed us of this lost fruit.

Second, video chat has yet to take off and an "Availability Status" is the key to unlocking this. We would all love to talk on the phone more with the people we care about and video chat more with the people we never get to see, but without a heads up on avails we are forced to text message instead (in the name of consideration).    

In conclusion, a recommended communication method listed beside each of your contacts will bring us all closer together in a meaningful way.  We need reprieve from text message fatigue.  This features is something we all need to make our lives more fruitful, thanks in advance...


Chris Purifoy

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