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How to Find the Heart & Mind of a Startup, Website or Idea; Creativity with Purpose

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I am a partner at a startup accelerator, and from time to time I get the chance to help bring a startup to life by packaging it with graphics, websites and digital ecosystems. The process is still evolving, but I wanted to share what we are learning about the pursuit of creativity.

Our Creative Process

First we talk with smart people to learn about their ideas. We define those ideas’ hands; what it does, how it will look and how to build it. Then we put legs on it; animate it with digital hieroglyphics & compelling imagery. We then allow this movement of form and color to inspire the heart and mind of the idea. The heart tells a story in a compelling way that inspires curiosity. The mind explains why it is important and inspires action.  We are learning that the heart and mind of a startup give it purpose. 

\ ˌak-tə-ˈvā-shən \

The process of bringing ideas to life.

Maybe the highest form of creation is not to bring something to life but to give that life purpose?

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