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Dear @YouVersion, Add a "random verse" button to The Bible App. Why?

#StealMyIdea for 2 reasons...

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First, this is how a lot of people use the Bible.  They open it and read whatever they see first. This is a good way to set the tone for a day or a chill session.

Second, a random verse generator would be a great way to get a quick Bible fix in our overly busy world.  We tend to use our phones when we are waiting for something like an elevator, a friend, or a car ride.  This isn't enough time to dig in on a long chapter or book, but it's the perfect amount of time for a random verse or two.  

In conclusion, a random verse button is an easy feature that I imagine will quickly become a crowd favorite.  I am a firm believer that the best products and features add value to people's lives without changing their behavior.  This feature fits that mold by making the Bible more accessible in our daily lives.


Chris Purifoy

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