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Dear @Shazam, Add an @Spotify 'star' button on song profiles and save lives. Why?

#StealMyIdea for 2 reasons...

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First, it saves time. Currently to add a song to a Spotify playlist, we have to link off to the Spotify app and then find the button to add it to a playlist.  If you had a Spotify "Star" button on the Artist profile that displays after scanning a song, we could add it to our music list with one click.  

Second, it is safer for mobile use. Many times we Shazam songs while we are driving. With several interactions needed to add the song to a Spotify list, it can distract us from the road and cause accidents.  A 'one click add' to Shazam playlist button, would streamline the process and make it safer to Shazam in the car.

In conclusion, playlist star buttons will make your already amazing service even better. I Shazam daily. Thank you for making it so easy to discover the songs we hear in the world.

Chris Purifoy

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