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Dear @Pandora_Radio, Show similar tracks by unique song element for marketers & music supervisors. Why?

#StealMyIdea for 2 reasons...

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First, marketers & music supervisors need a solution, and you have the data they need.  No one knows the relationships between songs better than you do, and music supervisors would love a comprehensive solution that lets them easily find similar tunes based on the songs they already know fit the theme of their video.  Browsing similar songs, by your unique song elements, would be a game changer for music supervisors.

Second, this would make it easy to also sell song licenses. Just imagine if you could type the name of a song, browse by similar song element, and then license the perfect song with one click for film, tv, web, video games, and so on.  I bet you would also attract the YouTubers, if you make it easy and cheap for small distribution video projects to license tracks for their content.  

In conclusion, because you have the PHDs you also have the magic music data that content creators need. Now that you are public it never hurts to start thinking diversification.  Everyone needs audio for their content, and you are uniquely positioned to provide them with it.


Chris Purifoy

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