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Dear @Tim_Cook & @Apple, Bring back the magical “Save As” button for Preview. Why?

#StealMyIdea for 2 reasons...

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First, it was the holy grail for quick file conversion. Recently it was removed, and now when I want to change a file from a pdf to a jpg (which is 70% of what I use preview for), I have to export a file and then open it to make changes.  This is a few extra steps that all used to happen in one click. You know what they say about simplicity being the ultimate sophistication and all..

Second, most of us are easily confused. After the export, I end up with two files open that are the same but with a different file type.  Sometimes I wind up confused.  I have been watching LOST though, so I’m sure it’s partly JJ Abrams fault.  Don’t feel to bad..  

In conclusion, I know this was just an oversight.  You have a lot going on these days, who could blame you.You do simple better than anyone.  Thanks for that.  Trust me, I drink the Apple cool-aide.


Chris Purifoy

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